The Archimedes equality

While studying some mathematical tomes, I came upon a rare proof. A mathematician has discovered a process to derive 13 as a sum of 7 and 6. It is called the Schnozmeir - Zork - Bonkenspeil equality. There is a 700 page proof that exists and this is the short form solution. It is so insightful that several pages of Wikipedia are dedicated to the concept. Wolfram Alpha has a 2 terabyte PDF explaining it. A million people have tweeted it and 2 new 3D movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan explore the emotional journey to the proof.  Slashdot has covered it and there are 15,000 threaded comments. Gogglebitz has created an extension and proved that other numbers can be added to produce 13. Lispenzitz has made an extension that shows that if you include negative numbers that an infinite set of number pairs ( tuples ) or "field associated integer pairs FAIP" can be used. It is behind a pay wall , but it is only $100 to view. I have gotten 300 emails about how excited people are to know this and Microsoft has a specialized IDE and SDK to handle the technique which has been patented by Motorola and Licensed to Boeing exclusively. A seminar is being held this month in Prague and you know I will be there! A billion dollar federal museum is planned to commemorate the 10 second anniversary of its discovery. Several universities plan courses in the technique and there is a YouTube channel just for videos of people exclaiming how excited they are that it has finally been discovered. The supreme court has ordered that it may be applied everywhere except in states or countries with an odd number of letters. A national holiday has been created that honors the sacrifice of the mathematicians and a tearful politician introduced them, and you know he was sincere because you can't fake emotions, just watch Tom Cruise trying to do it.

The point is, that too much information is worse than none. If it cannot be contained in a lifetime it is not usable. The growth of information is choking the understanding  of even the simplest thing.  If you need a script to get from A to B, where B is B and A is A, then there is a problem anyway. Choking information , over documentation, licensing words and ideas, and overly complex regulation plus the exponential growth of life attempting to retain every event and fact.
It may be a perfect world for bureaucrats, but is simply an ever expanding choking web that destroys the possibility of change itself. A big tangled drain clog.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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