HTML5 and css3 tests


Unless otherwise noted, this works on this date in Google blog preview when running Firefox version 17.0.1
Since the observation of it depends on the viewer software, a snapshot of rendered image is included. Certainly the structure of the css as well as interaction influences the final product. An awful lot of trouble to go to, just to show a few lines of text and images.

meter element

76 percent
<meter value="0.76">76 percent</meter>

progress element

76 percent
 <progress value="0.76">76 percent</progress>

To be continued

here .......
It should be noted that in reference to the patent on 6+7=13, that in the middle ages a secret society of alchemists was formed and Ada Lovelace became a member of that society as well as Joseph Jacquard, Isaac Newton and Alan Turing ( as well as current members , which of course are secret ). They were and are dedicated to extending the knowledge patents of the Caesar and he did patent [ VI + VII = XIII ] and as a result, that society implemented code of that patent as a self-replicating and perpetuating drone berserker that uses advanced recognition software to scan the world as a self appointed inquisitor drone that strikes at any implementation which is not registered with the secret alchemy society. It invades networks as well as HTTP streams and implements strikeout or now <del>.
6+7=13Deleted by THE INQUISITOR!, you evil sorcerer
It is suspected that this may only be the first step and the drone may start dunking hardware exhibiting the illegal form and if it shorts out would be branded WITCH IRON!
I could be wrong though.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen