It begs the wanting of cheese

There is an article about short term memory being created in rats and that is something that I was certain would happen eventually and counts as another twist in the bulwark of the Ship of Theseus.
I have been doing some research on self replicating nano machines and found a couple interesting things about things. Like this vacuum tube TV  and a company that created a CPU in mini vacuum tubes and tested them for mil spec rad hard military satellites.
An interesting thing that I never realized is that a small vacuum tube doesn't have to be as vacuumy as a big one as the electron has a different mean free path than a molecule. I have calculated that the circuit that can now be created could operate at 100's of terahertz with complexities in the ten to the 20th range and the strangest thing is that my analysis implies it would run at one watt!!!. That is not just freakish, but so far beyond weird that it will twist reality in ways that cannot be predicted.
In the process of digging into stuff, it seems that it is actually possible to travel in time. The difference between some random nut that claims this and myself is that I have said it is impossible and creates paradox as well as violating conservation. There are ways around that and it is another twitch in singularity that I could never have accepted until now.
Here is an image of a simple rider design done in blender.

I have decided that a Rostock like design can be created with couplers that allow the entire unit to be configured for almost any scale by adjusting the rod size, thread spacing, triangle size, and motor type. The interesting thing about the Mdrive motors is that they can be programmed to act independently and have 4 designed in digital I/O control signals as well as an analog pin. ( Which could be used to switch the robot back and forth between replicate and travel as well as tool changing.) It would seem that it could build things far larger than its frame size and is only limited by availability of print/milling/grasping/etc heads
The replicator with Mdrive can be controlled with 6 wires connected in the same way to all motor computers. I am planning to make a CPU in vacuum metal as a controller for it as well as a self contained grass powered stepper.
This makes for an easy swap out and control by any number of methods.
It can also be a robot that walks like a person on crutches. I have made a design extension that would allow the bot to act as a replicator as well as a traveling robot. My analysis predicts that it could run on uneven ground at 100 miles an hour with 99% energy conversion efficiency. Now all it needs is a shark with a laser mounted on its head.
It is insane and as Dr Who says, it is going to get even more insanerer.

Any way, I am working toward a 10 nanometer sea of nand gates gate array done in electron transfer. It is very odd as all that is needed for a gate is metal and in my case I am testing using the photo electric effect with a very precise energy to produce free electrons at very low specific energies. I am guessing that I could do some quantum probability mapping and dig deeper into the fantastic, but I don't have the mental energy for it at the moment.
The most unusual thing about this is that when an electron tube was created centuries ago or even if it had been discovered 1000's of years ago, this technology could have been implemented. It just required application. That is what twists me about temporal technology, I understand it, and if I am very very creative it would seem that something odd and completely different will come of it.
It seems that strangeness has become so common place that it would require a new scale and new word like magic and insanity so expontal-transanity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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