Flesh merchants

I was watching a Dr Who episode called "The Flesh" and it occurred to me that it is hardly science fiction. It is an over simplification and many details are impossible or distorted for visual or artistic impact. I would say that the combination of nano technology that I am aware of and stem cells as well as some 3d printing and brain research would allow this to be implemented if one was so inclined. So it is weak science fiction , since it is in fact merely a poor rendition of the possible for its entertainment purpose.
I would say that if it were to be done there are a few technical things that would have to be dealt with. Training immune response, bone and teeth would not be deposited in real time, the issue of normal bacterial flora, and not the least is the issue of cognitive alignment. It would not be reasonable to experience and remember two different perspective time streams in a single consciousness. You might end up with a "time head" :).
There are companies that create organ templates and use stem cells to grow organs or they are grown on other mammals. It would require that pluripotent cells be available and matured then differentiated in their proper location. I would say that it is currently possible, but it does pose those very sticky existential questions in  a stronger light.
Many things move under the radar of common knowledge and perhaps this has already been done in some fashion in the way that "Dolly" the sheep was cloned. Cloned animals are common place and it makes economic sense to use the best product, but it does smell of GATTACA and eugenics.  If the living god monarchs were not subject to their own eugenics, they would design themselves right out of existence in the same way that limited gene pool inbreeding leads to collapse of the entire isolated genome. That isn't to say they wouldn't do it. Stupid knows no  rational causal limitations.

So I have a damaged body as well as a bunch of accumulated SNPs so I decided to make myself a new body and put my mind in it. Afterwards I realized that I could have a better mind so I replaced the brain and erased the memories I didn't need. I am me, really, "I think and remember, therefore I have remembered that I thought".

Programmable matter would not replicate material for which there was no atomic template. You would hardly expect it to transform stem cells to clothing or gold necklaces. I suppose you could have a layer of flesh that served as clothes, but that would get pretty funky in short time. Well I suppose if it was "tanned" like leather at inception and then colored with cell dyes, then it would be some sort of clothing that arrived with the "ganger".

If the technology existed to transform one atom type to another then perhaps it would do everything, but even with the singularity, I would doubt that would be coming to Camelot soon , if ever.
The transfer of behavior from a person to robot is reasonably possible. I would assume that actors that are recreated in bots or VR don't worry about their souls being stolen, just their IP.
I wonder if it isn't like the old tribal superstition that a camera would steal the soul of the tribe members. The more faithful reproduction , the more the question might be asked, but still superstition in my estimation.

As an aside, I noticed that a bot was fishing links to the blog and used an AI like method as well as some stuff from Dr. Sbaitso that pulled detail from the blog and used it in sentences. It creeps in the wires and smells like electrons.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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