The image is the guts of a CD player. Visible is the magnetic focus coils, the emitting diode laser, and the sensor, as well as the lens that focuses to the CD information depth. It is pretty simple stuff and uses a partially silvered mirror to project the laser light on the CD and get the return signal. I had to use a temperature controlled heat gun to disassemble the module with a temperature just below the MP of the solder, which made the blue glue that they use to set the mechanism become plastic enough to release.

It is strange how the subconscious works. I was swinging a sledge hammer in the yard to remove some concrete from a pole and was thinking about nothing in particular, but wondered about the soil in a particular aspect. With no delay , there was an answer in the form of a device and the unusual thing is that my subconscious must have already devised the answer and since it ( subconscious ) has no motive force, just left it lay in waiting as the solution to a problem. The truly unusual thing is that it is monumental in its application and utility. I wonder how many other things my subconscious has solved and has no way of determining whether it is useful unless I confront a situation that brings it to mind.

The gene to make human like brains has been tested in mice and "Hitchhiker's Guide" comes closer to 42. I am wondering what a mouse with an inherent god complex would be like?

There are so many things yet to be known and it is odd that they could have been discovered 100's of year ago and their utility is undeniable as well as being dominant technology. I am really surprised how many undiscovered holes there are in the existing technology strategy. I suppose it is the equation of the universe that allows me to see these things so clearly and why they are hidden in the intellectual fog of those who have yet to discover the complete structure of matter. I noticed that somebody at MIT (IIRC) bent gamma rays, which was supposed to be impossible, but what I wonder is who decides what is impossible and why are they so often wrong?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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