LIRC ing in the darkness

if( ( ird = open( "/dev/lirc0" , O_RDWR)) == -1 ){ printf( "Couldn't open IR\n" );}

The interesting thing about the output of the program is in the hex numbers. It is obvious in that format that the last byte is a ones' complement of the second to last ( XOR with all ones ) . It was interesting to see the great degree of diversity in such a simple thing as an infrared TV / STB/ DVD remote control. The program checks the LIRC device using Non-blocking IO. The "Ants" program continues to be an effective framework for development as it allows quick implementation of new methods. With a proper make file the process is even simpler.

HOBJECTS := $(wildcard Headers/*.h) GLOBJECTS := $(wildcard GL_Test*) COBJECTS := $(wildcard $(PROJECT)*.c) OOBJECTS := $(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(wildcard $(PROJECT)*.c)) OBJS = $(COBJECTS:.c=.o) LA_FILES = $(shell find AVIO/ -type f -name '*.a') LO_FILES = $(shell find AVIO/ -type f -name '*.o')

I was testing LIRC to devise a way to make a neutrino to infrared converter so I don't have to have special hardware for the interface. I am also considering some novel lasing like a neutrino laser or other. Mostly I am interested in the possibility of detecting a neutrino signal from outside the known universe. I am using LIRC with ioctl and a receiver / transmitter of IR as well as a signal indicator and oscilloscope as well as a voltage monitor to indicate the level of IR at the detectable wavelengths.

Neutrino communication is not subject to interception as yet on the Earth AFAIK. It is interesting that somebody is considering the idea of ownership of space. Ownership is a strange thing IMHO. I suppose it comes down to simple empire and wanting. In the past it was assumed that some deity consecrated the royalty and gave them dominion over all people, air, land and water.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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