Quantum Stigmata

I have been working with the concept of dark matter and it implies some very interesting consequences. With the recent information about the Majorana Fermion it seems to solidify my understanding. Certainly it is just enlightened speculation, but I do believe it is possible to fabricate Dark Matter and that it is actually anti-gravitational and constitutes a new type of matter. I am also speculating on the nature of the universe and it has been proposed that there is a multiverse that exists in higher dimensions and as such is untestable. I suspect that this local-verse is the product of a collision of a matter and anti-matter element of a larger and perhaps infinite universe. I would guess that in the vast data from observation of the skies that there is a clue to that fact and as such is testable. If local-verses were being created and destroyed to some vast distance away, there would be radiation of unbelievable energy in burst as many different big bangs occurred like the collapse of neutron stars and galaxy collisions. It could provide additional information about the "extended universe".

If the likely outcome of my investigation is a material that acts counter to gravity, then it would probably be the most valuable material that could possibly exist. Since it would allow movement in and out of gravity wells and independence from momentum energy limitations of kinetic orbital insertions as well as a vast reduction in the threshold to space exploration.

An interesting mathematical consequence of the material is the fact that once it is instantiated on the Earth's surface, it would be traveling at about 1000 miles an hour in a tangential direction to the Earths surface.

The scope of the universe has been changing since the time of sea faring and it passed the flat Earth to a centric solar system to a vast array of stars to a vast array of galaxies and I suspect that there are a vast array of local universes which collide and reform by the collision of matter and anti-matter local universes. It seems to me that there is no evidence to presume that matter would have any preference over anti-matter in a larger sense, and that a universe with both would certainly have many different cases of bangs which were bigger or smaller depending on one's perspective.

It is certainly a complex and strange time to live and I have little doubt it will soon be far more strange and interesting. Just the possibilities of what is incompletely known are staggering in scale.

I had an image of people in covered wagons pulled by dark matter driving their way to Mars to raise vast herds of Tardigrades for food.( and the skies are not cloudy all day ) You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy..

There are far more unusual things coming soon to a planet near you.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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