Purple Calculus and 14 days to light speed

The picture is of the board in something I bought. The chip is a Fairchild 4069 hex inverter, and I am guessing that somebody did design, CAD, layout, pick and place, solder flow and inspection before they decided on this fun addition. It is said that companies like the young programmers and designers as I well know, but the downside is something they don't even understand and never will. I often look at things I buy or am asked to troubleshoot and on occasion end up ROFLMAO when I grasp what it really means. I know recent grads are cheaper than me and sometimes they provide comedic relief to a stressful life.

Recently I have been designing a new type of math and this is nothing new as I have been b****ing about "i" and "j" and numerous other things. It is not possible to understand the universe completely or just better, without a new math and method. I was using my newer math a few days ago and discovered a freakish property of matter that had been staring in my face all my life and I never grasped what it really meant. The finding about the missing dark matter in the local space makes me chuckle too. It is like doing RFLP on an integrated circuit and hoping to find a match. I actually found a way that I could potentially build the pyramid at Giza in a matter of days with the stuff available then because of a new characteristic of matter I discovered while doing some experimentation. It takes a lot of time to understand the universe and it doesn't help that the math and approach is taught wrong in many ways. I am not saying that E!=IR, I am just saying that many of the trappings and methods are passed down from the middle ages and lack the luster that a completely new approach can provide. It is hard to put shoes on a horse while you are in full flight hunting buffalo and sometimes it takes a complete collapse to get a new and better approach. In a way it is like Python the language, it has many advantages over Perl or shell scripting and it wouldn't have existed except that somebody decided to s**t can the whole thing and start from scratch with a new approach. It has its limitations and suffers a bit with age, and one day somebody will redo it all again with a new stainless steel interface.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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