Time like diamonds

It does not surprise me that there is synchrotron like radiation about Sgr A*. I would conjecture that there is a variable event horizon that extends a great distance from the core. Depending upon the charge to mass ratio, it would have a singular transition at or near one of three boundaries. I also does not surprise me that there is an area of differential temperature associated. Temperature depends on convection conduction and radiation. All of those would be disturbed by the differential gravitation. I would say that dark matter and dark energy are real in the sense that they are measurable by their effect. It would seem that they are looking in the right place with the wrong glasses. I have not done the math yet, but it does seem that there is a reasonable explanation which cuts to the core of the universe and its true nature.

I noticed something in passing about crystalline time and it made me think of the conditions about a singularity. It must be such a storm that no being will ever see it directly except in simulation. If there were any case where the statement from the "Forbidden Planet" about "Man does not behold the face of the Gorgon and live." applied, it would be there. The math is very convoluted and I am becoming weary constructing it. It does involve thermodynamics, Brownian motion, exponential time, and and many more factors. It is at the heart of transverse relativity. It would seem that a mistaken identity of this scale would be unlikely, except that it must be some form of misunderstanding as it has no present explanation in a standard physics. There are so many disrupting factors to consider and integrate. It mocks the very nature of the universe itself. An interesting thought occurred to me about light houses and distributed information. Modulation of a stars output would certainly show up at a large distance, but forcing a stream of matter with information into the orbit of a black hole would certainly broadcast that information some great distance, like half way to forever. Smoke signals from the dragon's breath that reflects upon the holy dark.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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