Cilk threads in the emperor's clothes

MIT 6.172 covers Cilk parallel programming as well as other topics. It does provide an introduction to the subject in context and how it is applied. I am sure it looks quite a bit different to me than to others. It is the issue of context and association. I cannot associate a similar solution without prior exposure to the subject.

It seems that everybody in the world wants to know what I am doing every second of the day. They do discover that I spend most of the day studying new topics at MIT, Yale, Harvard, UCSD, UCLA, Berkeley, and so on. It does me no harm in the general sense and does them no good in the general sense. It does raise an issue of resources and application. If I am paranoid and spend all my time and money following the neighborhood cat because I suspect it is stealing data from my computer, I lose that time to nothingness. In the case of governments , they must use my time in the form of "national dollars" to keep track of me. Also companies that track my actions must use energy and resources to do so. If they want to know what I am doing they should just read my blog, of course that would be too easy.

It is an insidious process and implies that the people implementing that policy are paranoid. I don't mean careful, I mean paranoid. It means they fear for their safety and one could guess that it could come from the fact that they do things which when discovered would perhaps make them unloved in a big way.

It bothers me because I look at execution time and energy usage when I program. When I see something that is wildly inefficient, it suggests to me that it will fail in competition and since we are speaking of the human race, it gives me some anxiety. The competitor is always the universe and every observation that I make in nature implies that wasted energy in a process will lead to exclusion of that process eventually. It is thrashing and that is an activity engaged in by people who are highly motivated to self interest and clueless.

In the process of study it occurred to me that there is a new way to build computers that is more efficient. In the end, all things computer are NAND. The same techniques of programming (cilk) and its modeling is precisely like looking at NAND arrays. The gates connected in series and parallel have a latency, dependency and parallelism which is exactly the same in form and analysis.

To elucidate further, it appears to me that security concerns are like a snake eating its tail and the concept of sets attempting to include itself as a set. All of the logical things are related in very intimate ways. When I speak of indeterminacy in a program it relates to quantum uncertainty or indifference. When logic leads to paradox it will self destruct. Government in general seems to be a process driven by personal motives of power and integrated within the framework of biological necessity. It is certainly true that the universe does operate on very specific principles and understanding those principles allows a person to predict. It is the time extension of knowledge and effect. It would seem reasonable that any system designed without consideration for deadlock would have an inherent flaw and that if you identify that point, it is possible to induce deadlock. In the Linux kernel, Linus has named it deadly embrace, or perhaps he has commandeered that term, it makes no difference. It is perhaps why the human brain functions in such an odd way at times. Deadly embrace is just as it suggests, death. In the case of software and mutex or spin locks, I have done this thousands of times for discrete ballistic systems. The concept is the same. race conditions can exist and lead to in-determinant results as well as systems that have greater than unity feedback. There is a harmony in all the relationships which reflects the universe itself, and there are ways through the twisty little passage that are sometimes different and sometimes the same. Like the old Greek parable of the Minotaur in the Cretan Labyrinth, it is my task to get in and out of the labyrinth without losing my way. It is a vast matrix that winds in and out of DNA, circuits, directed graphs and vast arrays of logical and mathematical forms. Certainly even the quantum nature of the atom and universe connives its way into that stream. And even as I consider it, the pull of the darkest star sings a song of time frozen in its action forever.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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