Motey-Meissner effect

It would seem reasonable to assume that gravitational magnetism would have an effect similar to the Meissner Effect under some circumstance, considering their common origin. Given the immense distances involved in a galaxy, I would suspect that magnetic as well as gravitational resonant structures would result. Like the surface of a drum, the wave minimums and maximums would be consistent with principle, but virtually unpredictable without vast and precise amounts of information. Though there is no credible evidence, it would seem that something similar to Bremsstrahlung would occur in a neutral framework.

I think I may have finally gotten the mental model for dealing with column vectors in a matrix. That is kind of sad considering I have been studying it for several years. The mechanics of computation are just that, and it isn't difficult to remember forms like Xn+1/n+1 by wrote, but this doesn't mean that I grasp what it means.

The effect is a dipole effect and they have a reduced range compared to electrostatic effects. The x3 falloff limits their utility when compared to x2 forces.

Cantor would have attested that the path to infinity is not a walk in the park and I would suggest it isn't even as much fun as a walk in Jurassic Park with Velociraptors.

Beezer has an interesting take on mathematics and for some reason the name seems to remind me of a PC game that one of my children played about cannibals and credit cards that included something like "Beezer" and "American Excess" IIRC. I only remember it incidentally because I was enlisted to solve some of the logic problems.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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