Cinderella molecules

Title: The Terminator flying around looking for the flesh coat that he dropped accidentally.

It comes as no surprise to me that complete independent molecular systems exist within the framework of biological systems. I realized decades ago that DNA and RNA are side effects and not prime movers or machine code of life. RNA and DNA are more like FPU than CPU. The real substructure of life itself squirms about in a CPU of astonishing complexity and versatility. This doesn't mean that it isn't reasonably determinant.

The relationship of Alzheimer's to a molecule is no great surprise to me though I had no prior knowledge of its existence, the dimensions of the NULL space of the solution implied something similar. It would seem naive to me that a chemical could reverse or contain that process in a sane way. I could image a mirror molecule which would bind, and even a mirror molecule that bound and then conformed to be a phage target on association. I suppose it is possible, but there are more effective ways to retain the illusion of mind.

I saw that N. Korea may have done some fusion and anybody can make a Fusor, well not anybody, but a skilled person. I realized something about a year ago that relates to this and there are many things still to be known in this universe, actually about something between 3 and (7.5 x 1010101000)*∞ or more possibilities. In any case, there are some Cinderella systems that I am well aware of, and if they arrive at the palace , they may capture the heart of the crown prince of delusion.

Today I am testing a scope and rotation system that operates on n-dimensional space with a selectable dimension set and pattern matching. An example might be the process of DNA to RNA to protein, which acts in time , but if you rotate time in space and space into quantity or effect, it presents new interesting views of the process. I have also been applying this as a method to mathematics methods.

I have been wondering about the gravity probes at the moon and March is when they will start sending data, but in the process I realized that even though they are intended for a specific function, they could be re-purposed or reprogrammed to look at something which might be somewhat more revealing. The universe is a coherent system and one thing cannot be changed without influencing another. There have been many planets identified that could potentially harbor some form of life. I am of the opinion that assuming DNA-RNA to be the universal basic form is very naive. I do think that a system of Carbon and Nitrogen is a foundational element that cannot be escaped as the global maximum and dominant mode. But beyond that, there are possibilities that do truly boggle any possible mind. To imagine that something as simplistic as the Borg or Goauld might be the greatest challenge to continued existence is comical to me. Though I have no tangible computation which would serve as a basis, there is a nagging sense of danger that is implied by the nature of the universe and the mechanism of life. I always found it to be a cheap script trick in old alien invasion movies, that once "killed" , the aliens evaporated. Though I find that ridiculous, it is possible to have had visitors that stayed and simply had no material in their bodies that failed to be decomposed by biological decay. It would even be reasonable to consider that a space faring race would actually be a marine organism which would avoid land. The articulation of skeleton may be considered instrumental in land life, but is not essential to intelligent evolution. An instrumentality based upon control of carbon based systems of computation, manufacture, and expression would be far more efficient than any metallic instrument. It would also be more compatible with continued existence. The complexity of a biological system is dependent on many variables that exist only in a somewhat static chemical environment. Digging up strange minerals and interacting with those instrumentalities has a deleterious effect on continued normal function. Mercury and lead are some of the many compounds that are side effects of metal instrumentality and it is possible that the metallic tool use that gives advantage may actually be a long term disadvantage that cannot be overcome. IDK. I have not yet imagined any motive that might compel a species to travel light years across space to consume or interact with other species. You might say curiosity, but possibilities can be devised with some less effort through computation than the energy and risk of thousands of years in open space. In addition there are ways to observe and interact without a conflict of physicality.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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