Life like glass

Strange how the matrix transforms interact and when the waves themselves are generated from a fourier series, math and science do become moving and living art. Each new image is different in time and a glimpse gives no sense of the continuous transform. In its action is another world that generates new ideas each time the display's polarized molecules shift. One science and method plays upon the others in an unending factorial progression.


mirae said...

hello you mad professor, I have read over the last few posts-yes awesome stuff.
In our educational systems the disciplines should not be seperated at all, art should exist in all the disciplines.
and yes science provides us with the tools for a new art form and its capabilities give the artist so muchmore control and freedom to express.
take the digital camera alone,it wasnt that long ago that taking over a hundred photos in one shoot wasnt practical.Now we are no longer restricted to how many photos we take.
and then there are photo shops.I can speak from my own personal experiences here. I loved to do abstract concept art or abstract expressionism, now instead of getting out the messy acrylic paint haha,just work the photo in photo shops.the colour combinations are on their way to infinity and as I said to another blogger once, there is an infinite number of colour combinations possible on this photo, and an infinite number of concepts that I could attach to each photo.
to continue...

mirae said...

and I felt for once the infinite number of concepts that the brain would come up with and the overwhelming sense of freedom.
You speak of complex computer programs here but the tech of the digital camera provides the masses with quick easy flight.
I have a program that I downloaded free on the internet Paint. Net a sophisticated tool, I can render the photo so that it is a pencil sketch, an acrylic painting and use the flou so that it becomes impressionistic.
I hear it all the time in photo blogs, bloggers are saying -hey your work looks like Monet or Salvadore Dali,photo shop is on its way to replacing traditional art in fact in part it has.
It is exciting but I feel it is just a transition -for now it is copying traditional art forms.
How will we ever sort out the top artists there are so many endless possibilities and yes software!and what will happen to linguistics in the process, now it leans on the visual enhances it but will it ever be outdated!
I think I am going mad also haha.

Happy New Year again.
Thankyou I enjoyed my visit

Paul Mohr said...

In this case you are the professor as I learned something interesting from your perspective.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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