Interesting days for alchemists

In perspective it would seem that what little entertainment alchemists of old could have had with their limited knowledge, is vastly more entertaining now. I always find new ways to combine sciences to discover what is hidden in the complexity. It stuns me that as little as a hundred years ago, there was no knowledge of DNA, nuclear power, computers, robots, satellites, nanotechnology, radio, jet flight, black holes and a billion other things. And yet there is always something deeper in the bottomless chasm of possibility.

Something in the bones has drawn my fancy today.


mirae said...

happy new year again you beautiful professor,
how I love this image it looks like it is arising from the bone.
I also love the philosophy of this post.
I thought about our knowledge or lack of it haha many times.we have created a conscious kind of learning of knowledge but nature has its own knowledge-DNA has its own database that stores knowledge, and each and every cell has its own information and knowledge and knows how to respond.and well ok nature contains a library superior to ours.
It is as if nature supplies us with the software and we run the program.
nevertheless we should still admire our accomplishments to run the program -the world can be a better place because of them and man has reached his exalted state because of this and so now angels walk amongst us.

that was fun professor.I enjoyed exploring my own thoughts.
new years kiss.

Paul Mohr said...

I am impressed because I was thinking something similar to post. It was thoughts of a conversation with a queen ant that relived its genetic memories of the many times it has circled the Milky Way and the ice ages it has seen , as well as the species it has seen come and go.
It may very well be that they have in their genetics, a knowledge of time for the last 130 million years, if it could be read.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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