Dream world slippers

The picture is a flower I grew. It seems odd to me that I can take something like a little rock and stick it in dirt and pour water on it, then in a few days it is something this complex and structured. I know what is taking place, but is so vastly complex when you look at the detail of how DNA interacts with RNA and proteins in its complex logically circular structures.

The universe is a dependent and ordered system. As such, any action within the universe takes place within the knowledge space of an agent. Put more simply, a persons acts upon their understanding of the universe. If the universe is not what they assume then they act ineffectively. In the case of the personal dominance between members of a species group it is a generally flat playing field. It is assumed that any member has equal opportunity to comprehend those relationships and their projection in time to implement advantage. This may be so for a species that has a lower level of capability, but the complexity of human behavior and understanding creates a playground that extends in too many dimensions. It creates the situation where ideas that would seem at a glance to be well founded are in fact based on a premise that is shifting sand.

It is a vast and unending sub structure that lives below our assumptions and some revelations pull the Jenga block out of the space below the structure that is assumed to be permanent.

In this particular instance I have discovered one of the really weird and deeply situated Jenga blocks that changes many dependent assumptions.

Much like a Linux system or any other library based software operating environment, each function is dependent and ordered on top of the lower layers. For example, a drastic change in stdio would really wreak havoc on virtually every aspect of the computer. In a computer we can make our own choices for compatibility and structure ( at least in open source). In the universe it is not the case. If a fact is discovered that allows a modification of the base dependencies, there is no backup, no restore, no way to get back to what was , once that new variable is discovered and can be controlled.

The ongoing battle that is spam and hacking demonstrates some of these properties. Once a security flaw is known and disclosed, there is no choice but to either plug the hole or suffer the failure. This is just the primarily virtual world with physical world consequence. In the case of structural underpinnings of matter, there is no patch, unless somebody figures out how to patch the universal law of gravity. As much as I accept that many things are possible, I do not find a patch to gravity is at all likely.

Somewhere in structure that makes dreams is a strange relationship that is about as interdependent with all action of life that it would be like deleting stdio in a Linux system. Once known it cannot be unknown. Humans as a species act as if animal rules apply, but that is not rational. The complexity that is human understanding requires that at some point it must become common knowledge and practice to stop applying animal rules to human systems or something very very odd will happen.


mirae said...

Happy New Year 2012 you mad professor.
Yes this is a beautiful post and it is something that I have often dreamed of is the complexity of nature, in fact I am currently working on a verse with that theme!how what people call simple acts- like stopping to admire a rose is -you know the simple things in life - the most complex of all.
just the idea that a star 150 million miles away creates an impression on a leaf is a beautiful complexity..
good luck in 2012,and if during the year I should dine with a new friend and his wires are showing then I will think, perhaps Paul Mohr has sent him.

Paul Mohr said...

We are all bathed in anonymity because what we are is not what we will be or what we were. The associations only serve to quantify that which is known in terms of what little we understand and the unknown is infinite beyond.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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