GPU (Genetic Processing Unit)

It follows from prior work and development that using a system like the mitochondria operating system a set of programs can be devised that constitute the basic operating system of a system of nucleic codes that translates to proteins in a recursive replicating device. Since it can be simulated in the Ants operating system and communicated to a DNA sequence, it is possible to define a program in the electronic computer which predicts ,precisely, the effect in a biological implementation. It is a Virtual CPU which emulates the biochemical system in conjunction with the actual BioCPU. It allows me to observe what is created and analyze its operation before implementation as a real chemical system. The manufacturing framework is what is available everywhere in the universe, atoms and molecules.

In the same way that the core of an OS must exist and primal interface be established, the MtPU and its interface serves that purpose. It merely allows stringing together sequences and then enabling them. It is different than a single threaded CPU as each element can operate independently as a CPU of sorts. Since the molecules are effective and not static, a program is actually a CPU and memory and device. It does become very complex quickly and the greatest difficulty is determining what effect is desired and how to cause that consistently without side effect.

Key to this is the equation of the universe. Without that I would be flying blind. It allows me to predict the structure and function to enough accuracy to have reasonable certainty of the outcome. It is not the only tool and the implementation of existing devices within this framework is one of the goals. Obviously biochemical systems can self construct to chemical, odor, sound, light, pressure and many other sensors. The manufacturing environment and raw materials are present everywhere. I do not see that making machines and computers of toxic chemicals and metals scraped from the crust of the earth gains anybody advantage. The side effects of mechanical production and consumption are antithetic to life. I have devised numerous systems and instead of becoming toxic ingredients and carcinogens, they are made of the same materials as life itself and operate with less side effect. It is hardly an agrarian concept. It is possible to implement functions at the molecular level that are non-toxic and exceed current technology by many levels of complexity, without the centralized restrictions and cost. Energy is available from the sun, materials are present and what is required is the engineering spec in the appropriate language. Essentially just a makefile.

I prefer a round world to a square one. Perhaps this philosophical misconception originates from so long ago that it is lost in history. I do not understand the fascination with gold and other shiny metal, perhaps it was the original intent to have immortality ( an interesting sub routine itself ) by association with that which was seen to be incorruptible and thus immortal. If they had understood momentum, perhaps they would have worshiped it as god. This may perhaps be why no signs of life ( as others define it ) are seen in the universe, because they define life in a mechanical square way that is ultimately impossible to maintain and extend. A way that assigns deity to groups of molecules. It would seem to me that if "Data" ( from STNG ) were defined to be living, there would first have to be a proof that there is such a thing as life. I suggest there is no real definition because there is no such thing. It is a personal logical misunderstanding resulting from emotional impulse. You cannot find that which does not exist.

I could say that life is a GenetiCPU with a specific one time flash coded program. Who is to say that it should not be re-flashed to whatever method fits our intellectual intent at any time. It would make it difficult to know who is who at the local zoo.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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