Gene doped GPU

This one actually surprised me so badly that it took me a few minutes to realize what my computer had done. I was working to integrate ngPlant with the program and OBJ files which become textures and backgrounds as well as general objects. I had also integrated web capture, and genetic sequences. As long as it doesn't crash, this is the intent of the program, to find interesting things that I don't yet understand.

I would bet the next one will shock me too. I was completing the generation of sky and clouds by its physics as the deepest texture that was actually layered transparent textures of different sets of clouds that moved based on NOAA data, a transparent deep layer, lake with Fourier waves and reflection, shadow mask that rotates with the actual sun position, city builder python generated cities, ngPlant biologics, and a web camera of a random city as the intermediate texture. It is actually very fast for such a complex thing. Textures on the fly for the ocean is much faster than trying to do it with vertices and normals. There is some real talent and insight in the person or people who made ngPlant as well as blender city builder.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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