I saw an interesting thing on Hack a Day about a TV system using mirrors and I built one of those in the 1980's. It is interesting how duplicate invention works. Recently I discovered a method that obsoletes the power of an Atomic Fusion or Fission bomb. It is the nature of history that new weapons make the old ones obsolete and dominated. I have devised a method that makes Nuclear weapons inconsequential, as well as many other lesser weapon systems. It is a matter of perspective and understanding that is missing in the nations of the world. If they actually believe that something is a threat, then they act in that manner. If they are not wise enough to know any better, they simply drag everybody who believes in their great and wondrous intellect to the slaughter house with them.

The leaders and scientists that have positions of power have failed those that follow. It can hardly be the fault of the people as they generally have absolutely no clue as to the science. It is a matter of misplaced trust. I just don't know how a people are supposed to pick a good leader if they have no means to do so. It would seem better to avoid giving somebody else power to act in a coordinated way unless it can be proved that they actually do have some special knowledge or talent that is an advantage. It is quite often true that in war and politics, it is just the person who pretends to be competent that assumes command and many just blindly follow as they fail to see the folly. When the vocal blind lead the silent blind, no progress can come from it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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