Vector color space of the stars

There are so many ways to deal with data. I was doing vector space conversion of images for analysis some time ago and methods have advanced over time to a triple vector quadrant product that seems to quantify images uniquely with a possible range of a one in 16 million score. OpenGL is so complex that it would seem that nobody has exposed all the possible ways it can be applied. I discover new things that are perhaps not real graphic techniques in any presentation sense, but serve as computational objects of display.

In the process of analyzing a problem with my editor, I popped up Okteta from the kate editor file menu and new things are possible. I was specifically looking for embedded characters that were not displayed like unicode stuff. I found the character histogram option very useful for that. While playing with options I discovered embedded structure analysis. Nice. It had ELF structure as the only standard installed option for now, but it makes sense and boot sector as well as many other file types are becoming supported.

Ultimately my tools and methods will apply to spectrometric data from stars. There is a very specific signature I expect to see which is only possible where advanced life would exist and can be extracted with some complex algorithms. There is no point in looking for cultures that haven't discovered gravity control, as I would suppose that it is the dominant space strategy. So that is the goal of the color analysis tools as well as remote presence, bots, self assembly, and AI. I see NASA may finally have seen the light and may implement fabrication instead of transport for space. It would function as a virtual teleport, as a RepRap like method would simply require data and raw materials. Wouldn't be too hard to test. Set up an assembler in vacuum, cold and dusty with a bunch of rocks as raw material and run it in. So then if you want something on the moon, just send the data and if there are materials, it would be manufactured. A lathe can make a lathe. It would make it possible for everybody to use it, if it had an internet connection. I have discussed this before. As far as people and any real presence in space they need to spend less time making pretty pictures for sale of content and learn to understand the real nature of gravity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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