Traveling the universe in my Tux Kart

The image is from an experiment in my OpenGL program. By exporting star images from Stellarium to textures ( or FITs data from ESA or NASA, I can have the unchanging backdrop of stars and superimpose near objects to actually do and interact with the physics of motey in space, exactly as it would or does happen. By calculating the light speed delays, gravity and electrical vectors, and relativistic changes, it serves as a visual space architecture for seeing the inter-relationship of fields and objects as they would be changed by gravity control. It also serves as a framework for a new technique that I developed to identify alien culture. I am reasonably certain that I have devised the cultural progression that would ensue and the associated changes that could be measured. Like the sequence of a star, I would say that it would progress generally along certain paths just based on the possible use of energy and materials possible, like any probability weighted decision tree. This is my next best guess and I will see what it yields from actual spectrograph data and its fourier and time adjusted phase vector analysis.

BTW, the small object in the upper left is a model extracted from the Tux Racer game source.

In the same way that I might flip charts or measure angles on an ocean trip, I can extract images from Stellarium and chart a course. The marked object in this is Mars and it is a view from Paris France.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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