The house of factorial change with OpenGL

Something has been happening as I explore new possible technologies and how existing technology combines. It creates a state where change is the only constant factor. The relative meaning of things that are considered permanent, become vapors and memories. Some might imagine that wealth and power are some form of permanence in time and it is obvious to me that they are just glimmers of glass reflections in a scheme of time. It is not possible to predict what will become, but it is possible to know that change is the only thing that survives in time. Like momentum, it can neither be created or destroyed. It may take many shapes, but its character and quantity never wanes. There is no dominant static state in the universe, whether gold or weapons, it is the coin of change and its analogous alter ego momentum that is the real coin of the eternal realm.

It would seem reasonable that if momentum is a basic attribute of the universe and all matter, that every other thing in the universe would reflect that property. There are things that I am sure will evolve from the combination of technology that will make what exists now as anachronistic as a stone tool. The change that comes from this rather bizarre time in history is fed by factorial combination, the speed of light, and feedback. It is very similar to an effective decision tree without any ending point. A tree that branches forever like descent and ascent within a Mandelbrot set.

What I have done with OpenGL and my tree solutions , imitates this process. I needed to implement feedback on transparent texture with Glx context and though it took me an hour to discover how to make the Glx buffer transparent on save, it did give me the tool I needed. Here is the code I had to add to create the appropriate Glx method by adding (GLX_ALPHA_SIZE,4).

And C code to apply.
XVisualInfo *vi;
vi = glXChooseVisual(display, screen, attrListDbl);

In this case I have integrated blender, python, C, OpenGL, Xwindows, gimp, GraphMagick, octave, Scilab, matplotlib, Pil, SDL, and AI to become a continuously changing environment that grows upon its own complexity. The openGL module combines textures and models to create new textures and new models that are complex combinations of the original primitives. In the same way that 1+1 is 2 and 2+1 is three, it is possible to take square+triangle+color+direction and construct any product in a dependency tree that leads to a directed goal, essentially a directed graph to a goal or along a useful vector.

It would be very difficult to represent the process that I see, even with a continuous video stream. It is just too complex and the interaction with the environment is as much content as the product. Instead of a million random monkeys and typewriters attempting Shakespeare, it becomes Shakespeare a million times over , attempting to create the infinitely complex and expressive.


mirae said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh hello professor, how I adore this line-change is the only constant factor YES we are forever becoming and doesn't that dissolve the concept of time because then there is no future or past there is only the becoming of change.

sending you luminous christmas kisses dear Paul.

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