Ruby language

I really didn't want to dig into another language as the syntax confusion is great enough using asm, shell, C, python, C++, java, javascript, PHP, perl, HTML, CSS, XML, and others. Ruby is interesting and I happened upon "esearchy" in my wanderings and in the process of using it, learned some ruby. It is a bit pythonic in character, but enough different to be slightly confusing. I suppose I will study it a bit more.

I think I discovered the Piggs Boson, that is the origin of all sloth, but I need another 10 billion dollars and ten years of guaranteed funding to be sure.

You know, I should really make a Judas Goat post that gets hit by the link farmers to get a real idea of the origin. I am guessing esearchy as well as some other tools I have would enhance the utility of a Judas Goat Blog entry. I would suppose Google could measure ranks on a set of Judas Links, but perhaps they are too busy with other things.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen