Plotting beyond matplotlib

I reached my limit of plotting with matplotlib 3D and decided to go with OpenGL methods to analyze higher dimensions of data. In this case I can represent in various colors, vectors and relationships, as many as 15 simultaneous dimensions of data. Each element is its own matrix system and interact in time to express the relationships. OpenGL matrix manipulations can be confusing, but they become more familiar over time and with practice. I am using "C" language in this case to keep my skill up in that area. Using python like indentation and object methods adds to the quality and flexibility of the code. It has been some time since I did much in C and many things are now more easily understood. I suppose it takes time for the concepts to soak in.

In this case I am doing a kind of Finite Element analysis in n-space. The interaction of relativistic effects and the other properties of matter have many different useful abstractions that are yet to be explored.

ADDED: I suppose this is some sort of GPU based reasoning.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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