int Bunny (foo(foo))

I have done trees in various languages now and this is for C. Not all choices have to be represented in trees and forward and back linked binary trees seems to be a good model to make choices as well as exclude paths that lead to no gain. In the case of a backpack tree, it prunes to a single path through the options to the best goal or one of the equal goal points. It is a little difficult to switch back and forth to Python at first. I can see why some of the choices were made in Python. In the end, it is all machine code.

It would seem that I could devise a fairly simple algorithm for my ants that would evolve over time to the optimum utility for its capabilities and environment. Each time I completely recurse through the code I realize that I have become better at understanding that which was almost voodoo in the beginning. The answer is in its eye.

I think that the tunnels and caves should only have two doors.

typedef struct node {
 int page;
 int mode;
 int keycode;
 void *action;
 struct node* next;
 struct node* next2;//Tree branch binary
 struct node* prev;
} node ;


mirae said...

hello you mad professor.
ah how wonderful and cute is your ant.
this gives me the idea of using an ant as a decision map, it would releive me of any anxiety related to the decision making because it would be fun. I could dress up the ant in say polka dot tights and a matching beret.

You know I just have to say something here.Due to my visits here I have really begun to think and feel about a universe that has completely escaped tracking by our senses.
also this idea may be related-
now maybe this is just my weakness and my coping with something I can't grasp but I have always thought that this idea of aliens is childish.and now I come to realize why I have felt that say that there is an alien- is an attempt to copy our world, when in essence other worlds beyond our senses do not.

what do you think professor.

thankyou and have another magical day filled with physics.
sending you luminous kisses.

Paul Mohr said...

Perhaps by the time we find aliens, we will have changed so much and become so advanced we will be the aliens, and they the thing we used to be.

mirae said...

yes the way apes look upon us now.
hee hee.

Have a beautiful day.Ill be doing more reading here -awesome stuff I saw yesterday
and until the next blogging.
trying not to become too psychotic, thinking of these other worlds.well as long as I don't enter one Im ok heehee.
sending you luminous kisses.

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Automated Intelligence
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