Fear not the machine

Using data from the cosmic background explorer, adjusting for FTL neutrinos and multiplying by the amount of dark matter, and then plotting the data revealed an odd pattern. If my calculations are correct, this could change our view of the universe forever.

More seriously, it seems that most everything is like a dependency tree. In the case of science, it seems that many people don't allow access to their data, only conclusions. I am sure there are many people smarter than I am or more familiar with any particular subject, but if a scientist simply presented data and the transform upon the data, then it would allow others to see the methods applied and be more certain as to the implications for further dependency. It does lead to the mechanization of process and marginalizing their status, but that is where everything is headed. It is impossible to deal with the complexity of the universe without technology and we become a slave to it and become obsolete. I don't doubt that every single aspect of society will eventually succumb to the machine, and that includes the administration and application of power. The people are not actually obsolete, they are simply not effective in any mechanical way except to be the motive behind the process. If no person who exists can challenge the skill and speed of the machine, why would any person have status above another?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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