Astronomically simple

The image shows the blend operands and blend function. By using external build functions, the graphic primitives and their ultimate complex product are generated anew each time the program is built. By using external files to structure resources it is more compact and vast databases are not needed. The program actually writes the script that generates the models and methods that produce the final displayed product. It is similar to having DNA which creates an entire organism. It does not require much more than choosing one path over another in any given order. When parallel process is considered, it is just a tree with one more dimension. If an operation has a time as well as an order associated, then it becomes a 4D construct tree of product. In this case , even the primitive surfaces are constructed from operations and objects. It has a property of "winding" that determines the ( "facing" ) direction of the usual normal vector associations, as well as an order of vertex to texture. Other properties are offsets in dimensions, scale, and the selection of texture and its properties.

#!/usr/bin/env bash function afile { convert -size 256x256 xc:white -font SomeCoolFont.ttf \ -depth 8 \ -pointsize 80 -fill gray \ -bordercolor black -border 10x10 \ -draw "text 22,128 '$2'" -fill $3 \ -draw "text 32,138 '$2'" H$1_$2.png; #display H$1_$2.png } cd EnvironmentMaps afile 1 right black afile 2 left red afile 3 up green afile 4 down blue afile 5 back yellow afile 6 front purple

After some testing and analysis, I discovered the end product image is 276x276. Instead of putting the border inside the space, it added the border outside. 6, half dozen, whatever, so it is necessary to specify 236 if you have a border of 10 and want power of 2 textures. I also discovered an interesting thing where sphere / cube / mirror mapping fails silently when the size of the textures used are not the same for all six faces. That is what prompted the re-size adventure below as well as some speed and quality testing with various texture. Some times you can't see the forest because of the palm on your forehead. Doh!

convert $1 -alpha set -resize 256x256\! $1


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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