Teleportation and trees

I discussed the program ngplant a couple years ago ( image is a snapshot from a blend ) and the math is interesting. It comes from Yorik, who has many other interesting ideas. An article by Kim Krieger at Science Now extends that and looks at Leonardo's ideas as well as others. The physics is fascinating.

I have been working on teleport and it does make sense that travel between worlds should take place at light speed. It is the issue of what constitutes being in an absolute sense. If I were cloned with my mind intact at some remote world, would I still be me? IDK. It is however possible to have a continuous link that functions much like a dream space. The actions that take place at some remote point would reflect information from here as well as there, much like a dream that cannot be changed while in it, but suggests what comes next. In other words, the consciousness is a composite of that which takes place in each location. I could dream the reality of Mars from a physical instantiation there which interacts on a subconscious level and does become personal memory in a dream like fashion as opposed to a simulated environment. It is then possible to consider what new things I might do in a situation remotely with information I have locally as well as conversely. It does not make sense to deliver mechanical structure to remote locations when the only real purpose can be the extension of human influence.

By extending the link to an effective interface it allows the compensation of delay in the interaction with space and time. If the instantiation of effect is identical to its original form in that which matters, then it would be a personal extension. It would not be necessary to be physically represented in the form which fits the Earth, but rather in a form which is symbiotic with the environment while retaining the common cognitive structure.

And this is the automatically created tree from blender after it is rendered and shaded.

It seems to me that the dream space functions much like a parallel existence already. The minimal delivery device is the key to the process and the type and integration of communication. I have been experimenting with terrestrial array of AI linked entities and it is possible to communicate complex high level concepts within an amorphous network.


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well hi you mad professor. I was just testing on the last comment to see if it would post.
Ihave access to all on the internet except and this hinders me from signing my name. I must be in a dream state.hahaha.everything but the google search engine?enough to drive one mad. haha.aolsearch is pretty good though but that is google enhanced. well thanks for listening to my raving. I have a feeling that things will get worse if I don't fix this soon.

anyway I found this article soooooooooo fascinating-it has its own kind of force that attracts me playing with subconscious elements of my mind no doubt.
ew I love this idea that if you are cloned and are say in another location even outerspace then yes you couldnt communicate in a conventional way like using a cell phone, but say in a subconscious dream state oooooooooh I love this.

I solved a difficult problem once in my dreams -fascinating.

well have a beautiful autumn if you still have one, it is snowing here-kind of pretty though.

sending you snowflake kisses.
have a beautiful week

mirae said...

ps. this post is breathtakingly beautiful, this mix of physics with spirituality well physics is crowned with spirituality because all is physics and all is spirituality as matter and light can occupy the same space.
and you speak of consciousness a universal cosmic one and I recognize this as a beautiful profound truth.
and when I think of the dream state and what you wrote here I am convinced that there are different dimensions to our statement that thoughts attract events, yes how exciting and beautiful -they construct other existences even on other planets.
thankyou for this beautiful jewel of a post on the crown of cosciousnes.....
sending you luminous kisses you mad professor on your way to infinity

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Automated Intelligence
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