The second direction of time

The plot incorporates wireframe and scatter plotted on the same figure with color arrays using matplotlib and an undocumented function ( I thought ) which changes the 3D view to a specific perspective. However the undocumented function is not un__doc__umented. :)

I am glad the Mars rover went off without a hitch, but I do wonder about the ability of people to cooperate. The Russian space agency sent up a Mars probe a few weeks ago and it failed, but why exactly are people duplicating expensive complex effort toward the same goal? Does it make sense for the Russian peasants, US peasants, European peasants, Indian peasants, Iranian peasants, and Chinese peasants to pay for exactly the same engineering? If they were to cooperate then it would have a shared cost that allowed more to be done. I think I will patent that idea and , oh wait ....


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen