The many faces of time and space

I think I finally understand this transverse relativity that has been bugging me. I noticed some odd edges when looking at Maxwell's equations and he glossed over some aspects that imply zero point energy type effects and there are the distortions of fields from gravity as well as those of time in space and time within time ( how I view infinite dimensional space ) which leads to 4 directions ( 2 axis' ) in time as well as 3 in space. When you smash all of these things together it resolves to be coherent. I am certain that I can't think about it or imagine what is taking place in the usual sense, but if the product is consistent with observation and has a measurable useful effect, that is really what I was aiming for.

I think the last part that is perhaps an aspect of this, is a thought that I had about triboelectric induction of a glass toroid with a plasma metal deposition layer, which is then subjected to a changing magnetic field which is driven at an axis through an Foucault currents generating field. That came to nothing, but the relationships seem to imply an effect that I need to test.

It must have been difficult in the time of Maxwell, Galileo and Newton , as they didn't have email, voicemail, matplotlib, microwave burritos, python, GPU's, internet, The Onion News Network, or blender to distract them.

ADDED: It is not so much the implementation of the effect that interests me as much as the fact that if it has a signature energy, it becomes another measure to apply to the vast database of observations of space to perhaps identify something that produces this effect or some entity which uses this effect. I have no doubt that current technology is just a glimpse of what will eventually be possible. The ink jet printing of graphene is one that seems very interesting and I will have to try that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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