As the galaxy turns in a polywell

For some strange reason I had this dream and then wondered what it was all about. I was looking for CAE tools and happened on Polywell and that is what I was dreaming about. It has something to do with the transverse relativity drive, but I don't know what. My subconscious mind has a mind of its own :). I was going to copy a picture from somewhere, but "blender" is easy and I added torus, ctrl+d to duplicate 4 times, r to rotate, moved in place and added some color and smooth. Less time than searching Google and looking for a CC image. I could have made it real elegant with a few more key strokes, but I am as lazy as ever and you get the point.

I can make my computers dream, but this is something different perhaps. In the dream I move from sol to Alpha Centauri in a single jump and in dreams you don't have to have a logical basis to dream something, but I dream of things always and devices that work like radio circuits or programs or even relationships that I don't understand , but can apply without even knowing why it is so. Perhaps there is more going on than I will ever understand. And after I wrote that, I realized that is a fact that I will never really understand everything completely.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen