zyGrib weather

Lots of strange file formats for data, but so long as there are utilities that can decode them it is okay. In this case it is GRIB (gridded binary) . The program "zygrib" or "zyGrib" is okay at version 5.0.6 and seems to work well. It is an unusual install, but doable. Seems it isn't getting to the Ubuntu repos very quickly however.

So I created an animation as a series of files using zyGrib and saved them in a directory called animw.

dir2slideshow animw
dvd-slideshow -f animw.txt

That produced a video called animw.vob . So I can be my own weather channel. I guess I will record the nightly weather and sort the wav files to a data base that indexes by day, high, low, conditions, etc and then just pull that wav for a particular repeating property and add it to the video. How many times in how many languages for how many years by how many people has there been a statement that the high tomorrow will be 65 degrees? Really, if the data is there, why is it new copyright content if it is essentially just a copy of last years weather by a different reader. I could guess that saying "It's really hot today and looks like rain" could be considered unique once only. I also realized that I could create a word data base of my own using sound files by just saying every word in the dictionary that I intend to use and then do it with emphasis for ones that I want to combine. I am sure I could make a simple speaking app that just looked up the .wav with emphasis from a text index. With ever expanding memory devices it makes no sense to do phoneme generation. I suppose if I had enough space I could just do that with all the videos with sound on the net and have a dictionary with various speakers as another array index.

I can be my own TV channel with generated content and I would do nothing as the whole thing could be scripted from beginning to end for all eternity. I should convert it to digital and run it down a cable and I can be the cable company. I would have to charge myself a monthly fee and bill myself, but that can be automated too. I think I will make a talking script that complains about the lack of quality content as well as one that responds with "Call somebody who cares.".

Now I need to make the astronomy channel that does a different star every day. I will only have enough content for 10 billion billion days so I will charge less for reruns after that.

Given all the tools available including blender, gimp, ImageMagick, OpenCV, and many others, it is possible to take old photos and create characters and content with speech and music that are new episodes of every imaginable concept that could exist. I can write a shell or python script that actually is a script for a show and generate a complete movie without any interaction at all. The only real art would be coming up with a new concept of interaction and perhaps that was over done even before Shakespeare was born. So perhaps I will make a documentary of Motey's trip to the moon and stars.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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