Motey in the moon

I designed a new rocket system today that will allow me to create a reusable system that goes to the moon and back for a minimal cost. It should move 1000 pounds to the moon and back continuously on a schedule of about a month cycle. The initial investment would be "about" $10M and I would expect to deliver robots, an Internet connection, and various experiments to the moon as well as return with about 100 pounds of cargo in the form of rocks and dust. I think that it will be ready to go by spring of 2012 for the first flight. Gravity technology would be the second phase. I see no reason that the sub surface could not be colonized in some reasonable time period. I am guessing that there is a deep sub surface cave structure on the far side of the moon, but the gravity probe should be able to indicate that, if it exists, by early next year. Tidal lock of the moon would imply a density difference and internal thermal forces would have to vent somewhere. Just a guess and perhaps it isn't so. If equipment and robots can be delivered at a reasonable cost per pound it should allow everybody to schedule face time with the man in the moon.

It is a direct consequence of the equation of the atom that it is possible to develop a new type of flight system that is not momentum locked to the surface of the Earth. I wish I had thought of this earlier, but some of the technology was not available even last year.

The image is a " Romulan Bird of Prey" in blender.

I think there is a reasonable chance to succeed or I would not start at all. Nothing is guaranteed and recent rocket flights show that perhaps government sponsored space exploration is wasteful and bizarre. It has been more than 40 years since the space race began and they spend more time building machines to kill and control people than actual "exploration". I wonder how much has been spent maintaining nuclear weapons and launch systems that would only be useful to kill everybody on the planet. That is about 100 trillion dollars worth of sand pounded down a rat hole. I think that if you are dead along with your enemy, they win as much advantage as you in the conflict.

Carmack has probably done more for space flight than most NASA employees as far as results per dollar spent. Noom the war for the moon between Linux based ARM gel FPNA systems and cloud robots named Watson from BIM.

I am using ImageMagick to merge and flatten and now I need to create a 3D NOOM in blender or gimp and merge that.

Okay, 7 keys blender space text extrude color red f12 save.

With texture and curve constraint plus some ImageMagick and gimp.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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