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I often wonder what is going on down under my system and "ps -Alf" gives me the best information . Using a script I can cron the task also. Mainly I like to have a way to see if something different is happening when an unusual event occurs.Steps two and three are repeated as needed and can be concatenated with a semicolon.

ps -Alf | cut -b 76- | sort > base.alf ps -Alf | cut -b 76- | sort > base2.alf diff base2.alf base.alf

CMBR dipole anisotropy

From the CMB data it is seen that our local group of galaxies (the galactic cluster that includes the Solar System's Milky Way Galaxy) appears to be moving at 627±22 km/s relative to the reference frame of the CMB (also called the CMB rest frame, or the frame of reference in which there is no motion through the CMB) in the direction of galactic longitude l = 276±3°, b = 30±3°. This motion results in an anisotropy of the data (CMB appearing slightly warmer in the direction of movement than in the opposite direction). The standard interpretation of this temperature variation is a simple velocity redshift and blueshift due to motion relative to the CMB, but alternative cosmological models can explain some fraction of the observed dipole temperature distribution in the CMB.

I was thinking that the above fact would be true for any system outside the "average" velocity of the universe. It seems that it is measurable. It seems obvious to me that it must be so. In addition there are many different interactions that perhaps I can tease out of the data. Literal quantization has been ruled out AFAIK. I guess I just have to get my scripting talents fired up.

I recently tried SRILM and it compiles and runs all the tests on my system. I also realized some unexpected consequences. I would guess that the whole idea of perfect control of all people based on massive intrusion will result in the complete opposite effect.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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