A Fitting Universe

Fits view "fv" isn't all gui, but it seems to do the job. Python has lots of interfaces also.

What surprised me is that gimp opens "fits" files with images in them. I was surprised when I tried ctrl+e to shrinkwrap the window and found it is now ctrl+j. I don't know why they changed, but I am glad that ctrl+e wasn't reassigned to some really destructive effect or exit without save.

Copenhagen Suborbital is really interesting in what they have achieved for the cost. I watched the Tedx and videos from their site. That was really impressive. Ugene has new stuff that is worth looking at also. I was thinking about the fact that a body emits neutrinos and perhaps that is a way to measure "life signs" on a planet like ST. The thing is, I wouldn't think that would be interfered with because of any EM stuff like in ST. I don't think it will happen any time soon, but you never know.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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