Crimes against molecules

I happened upon dvd-slideshow when combined with some ImageMagick allows creation of video presentations from still images and sound. By using Rose Garden and other midi software available as well as python web tools, it is possible to create some interesting products that constitute a continuous content stream from a script. The use of voice synthesis and OCR as well as video capture , also adds some interesting aspects as well as 3D generation and blender renders. It would seem that I could script a concept without a studio. If you take the common aspects of media and what serves as entertainment, cartoons are easy with voice over. The end result is a framework that takes the basic concept of interaction and generates output content in a medium.

What it represents is a system that allows the conceptualization of a theme like any TV or cable show and does the actual generation without a studio. I would guess that I can create a "script" in python that takes a movie script and generates the movie that is the product. Given the quality of generated voice and graphics, it would seem that a person could define a genre that interests the person and then use models to generate entertainment. If a person liked mysteries, it would take the mystery and bind it in a sequence. The root model of entertainment is fairly simple and has been so since the first writers of fiction. I personally would like some science fiction and perhaps I will craft a few plays that place the characters in danger to create suspense and resolve them with some interesting and thought provoking technology.

I am wondering if I can reverse engineer the sequence and effect of HOX genes from an image of a person? Eventually it will be so. Recently I have been investigating a future technology that clocks at about 1022 cycles per second. That is 10,000 billion Gigahertz. That is 10,000 times the monthly traffic of the entire Internet in a second. So that is about 1,000 years of Internet traffic in a second. It will be some time before I can actually implement this technology, but it is coming in the years ahead.

I could post a movie here, but I would rather create the tools that generate content and simply provide a script that generates the content with variation.

I did a search for "creative commons refugee" and downloaded the midi file to "Rose Garden" and used a voice synthesizer to add words and integrated using dvd-slideshow and it was some interesting content that showed the faces and information on refugees all over the world with a background music , singing and voice over of commentary. Considering it was all done by the computer and I actually did no work except wondering about fusion of the concepts, it was very entertaining and even informative.



Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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