The view from Mars

I have finished a complete space system with inertial canceling , easy economical transport between planets, insertion at zero G at the surface of planets without atmosphere, extraction from planets with atmosphere, and a reasonable supply chain as well as automated methods for energy production and manufacturing. The biggest problem that exists is the fact that I have to dodge LEO satellites in Earth orbit. I suppose the only thing to do is to establish a base on Mars and the gravity pipeline between and let them choose whether they want to continue living in the dark ages of space or move outward. I would say that if I were situated on Mars that every single invention and piece of information would be absolutely free and applied without consideration as to its source. It is irrational to think that any unfrozen caveman lawyer tribe of Earth has any right to make demands on the Gravity Guild. If we find it, we use it when it applies. The goal is not to dominate any space, but I see no way that governments that have this "We are gods" complex ( that has been around since the Pharaohs ) , would simply look logically at the fact that their time is passed and it is a new future that will proceed without their input or control. It just isn't in their nature. If I were to watch reruns of Gilligan's Island on Mars, they would just go nuts and start a war they could not possibly win against the Gravity Guild and technology that they obviously do not even understand and can't hope to implement to pose any great threat. It reminds me very much of the Incas, except that the Guild is not interested in having anything that the Earth provides, but in the act of freedom from external manipulation, they will be considered a threat. If they beam TV shows into space and I record them on Mars ( not realistic, but just an analogy ) should I bow down and send them a cookie for such a wondrous gift?

A real issue to me is the data that flows on the Internet. If it is snarfed and demonitized for Mars, then it might be considered theft, but what really does anybody have to trade for the ability to move freely about the planets and stars? How valuable would a briefcase full of gold or "In god we trust" paper be on Mars? Actually it would be trash and dead weight. It is a completely different situation and it has happened many times before in history when people discover new places to be free. It is a natural progression and from a biological standpoint it is necessary. When European people discovered the Americas , they not only failed to respect the Kings, but they disrespected the people who inhabited the land. I do not feel any obligation whatsoever to comply with Earth law once I am in free space.

Anyway, I have developed a method for getting in an out of planets with atmosphere and as I said, it is the LEOs that are a problem with Earth. I suppose some millions of years ago Og was saying to Ig that he could hollow out a big rotted tree and Og would sit inside so that he could cross the river without being eaten by crocodiles, and when he had got there, he said Hollow Tree®™ . I bought that patent and the Government of Og has a 4 million year patent license period. I suppose that hollow tree technology really upset the kingdom of Ig as everybody who wanted to decide for themselves and not be bonked on the head every time they stepped into the Ig no crossing zone, left and that would be those who could think for themselves. It doesn't look good for Ig. He can't look scared that his kingdom is collapsing and I would guess that if Og had not built his Hollow Tree®™ in secret and then deployed it without Ig's knowledge, he would have killed him, because that is the way of Ig. Eventually somebody will figure out Hollow Tree again. I do wonder whether somebody left long ago as it isn't impossible that it could have been done before. I would think it would be economically impossible to find somebody , even in the solar system. I would think a crater shaped roof would be quite sufficient and even if you were discovered, it would be 50 years before the cops showed up to arrest you for failure to have proper "papers".

You kill Og and there will eventually be another Og to kill, so it is as Jebus said, "The jerks shall inherit the Earth".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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