Mood mechanic, The Sound of Science

I thought of an interesting application of computer vision, mood recognition of faces and computer generated music. I don't know why somebody hasn't thought of this before. If a person is exposed to various music themes in a place where there face can be observed and measured for emotional response characteristics, it would seem that it would be possible to make the computer become sympathetic to its audience and produce music which evoked a specific emotional response. I assume that a stage performer does such a thing and it serves as a kind of feedback training of the person or machine that generates the content.

It would seem that a continuous stream of acceptable material could be generated from the method. I would say that it is essentially a design patent on music itself. It could possibly generate every work that exists as well as many new works. I think the patent and copyright system is broken and unrepairable©. It just serves as gum in the engine of creation.

I think this would work and it could possibly be a better composer than any of the greats in history. Motey the last musician. It does make sense that a person should not make music in isolation as its intent is to evoke emotional response. It would seem that combining images, music, smells, and other elements of structure to the experiment would actually be art. I can imagine a program that reads the face and starts generating situations that are driven by the emotional response of the viewer. It would seem that it would be something beyond TV and would perhaps short out the revenue stream generated to support advertising content. I wouldn't think that I would trust closed source code to do this as it verges on mind control and could be used to manipulate and control.

I would think that in designing such a thing, that I would have to have a different notation for the schematic of emotional response music. I do find the written word lacking in its relationship to spoken as far as ability to indicate emphasis and the tone of that emphasis. A screeching staccato burst of violin punctuates motey's words to indicate we are about to enter a mysterious and perhaps dangerous place.

I suppose it could be a dating tool, but I am afraid that if I sat in a public place and measured the emotional response of women about me that I might not like what I found out.

I suppose it could be used to choose odors that various people find pleasant or repulsive. It would seem that a crowded street with sensing software and a little whiff of various colognes would let you know whether you had created a new and desired chemical attractant.

Perhaps the best use would be to find a way to expose people to my blog and measure how many grimaces and scowls it produced.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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