Quantum mechanics and hidden local variables

I have been studying various paradoxes, and that is often a misnomer. The GKZ paradox is interesting and I think I will put myself to the task of resolving the misunderstanding. A paradox is impossible and if something happens, it is not a paradox. In the case of time travel, "if" a person were their own parent then it would require that the universe exist in a different state than is measured and recognized. There is no indication that such a thing is true and I could presume an infinite number of things which have no evidence to suggest their actual existence and so it is pointless to consider unless there is some way to confirm or deny it either through logic or experimentation.

It involves local hidden variables and the super luminary interaction of matter and so is involved in quantum entanglement and other effects like EPR. I think there is value to be had in resolving the system and there seems to be sufficient data to do so at a glance. I learned quite a bit by investigating the Parrondo's paradox and its extensions.

By a little googling, somebody says they solved it more than a year ago and I looked at the blog post, which seems to be the entire blog. I have not formed any opinion yet and I suppose considering that is no different than looking at all other theories. It would seem that if it were solved that something would come of it like an EPR bridge and perhaps that is why the blogger only posted once. He then left through the bridge. I will try to contact him through the anyverse internet if this proves to be the fact. It seems to be a promo for a book about black holes and the theory is interesting, though I haven't amassed enough data to come to any conclusions myself. Oddly, he has a blog for every post he makes, which is unusual in itself. Perhaps he has a new identity every time he returns from a parallel universe. Apparently there has been some discussion on this at Wikipedia.

Perhaps Schroedinger's cat has 10*(0.9)-(0.9) lives, IDK


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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