Very slow on the draw

I noticed some research at Argonne National Lab on nanomachines in oil, water and magnetic fields. That is a blast from the past. I did personal research on that in 1985. That is almost 26 years behind. They seems to imply they are on the "fast track", but I wonder what it is fast with respect to? I could give them a hint, but foreknowledge causes things to happen that have their time and need to stay in their own time. Spoilers from the future causes all kinds of complications. There is something very odd that I discovered while doing that and it was an accident, and so it isn't always true that they will experience the same accident or know what it means if it happens.

I am considering whether to have Alice Infinity take a course in AI, but I suppose I will start by creating "Context Goggles" for her ( when accessing the net ) and let her coordinate and analyze what is available on AI from the net. I suppose a Markov Model of the concepts and access to some circuit simulation wouldn't hurt if it isn't physically instantiated. I may do some source extensions to Qucs or PySim, more likely Python as I am liking that more than C++ recently. Mainly I want to monitor progress and see where it leads.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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