Imaginary liquid water on Mars

If I were forced to explain rivulets of action on Mars which presents no indication of water, then it would be this, which should be well known by NASA and why it was not mentioned in the most recent Mars press conference , is perhaps their desire to obfuscate and sensationalize. A solar facing surface on a crater would receive uV light and thus the effect quoted below would account for the observed phenomenon. It is the most likely, and a vacuum flow of liquid water seems a bit absurd.

Moon dust
Light from the sun hitting lunar dust causes it to become charged through the photoelectric effect. The charged dust then repels itself and lifts off the surface of the Moon by electrostatic levitation. This manifests itself almost like an "atmosphere of dust", visible as a thin haze and blurring of distant features, and visible as a dim glow after the sun has set. This was first photographed by the Surveyor program probes in the 1960s. It is thought that the smallest particles are repelled up to kilometers high, and that the particles move in "fountains" as they charge and discharge.

Something completely unrelated perhaps, magneto-optic effects? Strangely, that entered my thoughts some hours ago in a completely unrelated analysis of light. Even light is poorly understood. Many things are yet to be discovered.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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