I incidentally considered RFID when I was working on a little project to monitor the EMP from the magneto of a lawnmower to determine if the cylinder was getting voltage to the spark plug and if it dissipated that energy in a spark. It is possible to monitor static sources from some very great distance and in fact it is possible to monitor some sources at distances of thousands of miles. Tesla did some interesting experimentation and had a very coherent understanding of how electromagnetic energy operated. The moment I considered RFID, dozens of facts were obvious and a little research confirmed what I could deduce from the knowledge of the equation of the universe. Tesla may have been very good, but he lacked the complete insight of how all matter interacts in ways which have yet to be well understood. I remember the passive espionage incident in Russia and supposedly that is the origin of RFID, but the principle is as old as matter itself.

Apparently it is illegal in the US to possess knowledge in some categories. That is interesting. The universe is inherently "insecure" because all normal matter in the universe is infinite. It is very difficult to hide infinite objects, even inside an infinite container.

Hmmmm Barkhausen. In an instant, many things were obvious as a consequence and I will consider this for a while as it has a very bizarre secret. It is the process of washing with new information. As I become more familiar with the equation of the universe I am able to clarify many things and extend measurable effects into new domains. Very few things have been discovered and the quality of mechanical, chemical, medical, and electrical design that is common in this world appears to me like medieval technology. Others might think it is almost magical, but the magic is so transparent that it isn't even entertaining. It isn't any more entertaining to make more effective magic for oneself obviously. The only fun with unknown technology is its discovery.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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