Industrial crime robots

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. If the manufacturing and mining and food production is done by robotics owned by a few greedy individuals, why not create the politician and industrialist robot. War bots already exist and you merely tell them a target and they kill so that is already done. What is needed is a robot that is a politician and another that is an owner of robots.

The biggest threat to people in general from industrialization is the consolidation of power and thus the isolation of resources. If one person owned robots and computers that could farm, mine, design, manufacture and maintain the entire world, what would become of everybody else? What exactly would be the difference in defining a computer program which was the effective government of people. If the mechanism and design were good enough it would certainly function more efficiently than the present system. There would be no loss to graft and no risk that power would be usurped to buy robot hookers.

People might fear that robots would be dangerous in this capacity, but aren't they already employed in things even more dangerous. I think the biggest problem is getting a quality design that is the most effective government that would be the winner in any competition of nations. The people who have these positions of power are obviously not too smart and I do believe that it would be possible to create a device which would serve people as its operating principle. If you don't have the continual losses to graft and corruption of government for personal gain, it would be about 30 times more efficient and would easily be the dominant strategy. No more $2,000 toilet seats, roads to nowhere, special interest groups to support industrial monopoly. I think it makes sense is perhaps the only way that would win against a socialist dictatorship, though that is hardly motive for such a thing.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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