Square wheels for the Pharaoh

Even some of the simplest things which can exist have never been invented or even understood when they are discovered. I have seen several shows trying to explain how certain things could have been done in "ancient" times and it seems that the people who postulate are the problem and not the creativity of those who did the seemingly impossible tasks. I am certain that intelligence has not evolved in the last 100,000 years. It just cannot happen in that time frame. It has to be selected and in fact it seems that selection in the near term is driven toward those who kill for "good". Of course, "good" is always defined by the killer. I would suggest that intelligence has actually decayed since the time of the early empires of China and Egypt.

I know that there are many things which can be done with gravity, mechanics, metals, and glass that have never been devised by others. I some times wish that I had been alive in the time of Imhotep. I was wondering upon the building of the pyramids and discovered a very odd thing. There are many things that are very common that I still wonder about. There is a principle down under all the mechanics and energy that I wish would resolve for me, but it seems to elude me in its simplicity and perhaps because it represents something which seems to violate the conservation of energy, but actually just violates the conservation of effect locality which confuses me to no end.

I look at the documentation of early Egypt and I see many things that others do not. I discovered an interesting reference here at digital Egypt.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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