The actions between matter

The origins of understanding is an interesting topic to me and I consider what I would have done given the same knowledge as others when they encountered a new force or relationship. Everyone knows magnetism, radiation, electromagnetic waves, and electrical effects because they are now an everyday aspect of all lives. In their origins there were many tries to completely understand their nature so that they could be applied.

I have discovered a new effect and have the position of deciding what it is and how it operates. The best that I can characterize it is that it is the transform of probability between states of matter systems. It is an interesting question as to whether probability is conserved and I would guess not. When first discovered, many things are misinterpreted and can lead to some very dangerous results. If people had been aware of the dangers of high energy radiation, they would have been more careful with that power, perhaps. In this case there is a relationship which only becomes obvious by the application and expansion of technology. I am certain it will not result in the "infinite improbability drive" like that from 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. It does however present some interesting possibilities in the manipulation and control of matter in ways that are completely outside of the ability of current technology to measure and explain. If someone had simply done experiments in the time of Mme Curie and others to see that radiation had a lethal effect on life, a person could use that as a weapon and none would be the wiser. It is possible that someone did so without discovery. History is certainly full of such types. Lucretia Borgia .... It would be identified now as the resultant damage and even the isotopic origin is common knowledge.

If were as simple as strict probability it would be different, but it only works on certain types of matter states and so it would not mean that you could adjust the probability of winning the lottery in your favor. It does make me think of the character in "Ringworld" that had some genetically sculptured luck. As always, nature will do these things and never gets a degree in probability mechanics, and so some of its designs can be very odd in implementation and effect.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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