Neutrino Ghostwolf

When the Ghostwolfs and Werecats get working in concert they can reek some serious havoc. Security implies something that is impossible. Probability mechanics are applied to take out the fudge factor, but in the end, nothing is truly secure or safe from corruption. It would imply that if something were absolutely secure that it would be immortal and constant. There is no such thing in this universe except momentum and that is a wily coyote that will always chase the road runner, but it will never catch him.

I find it amusing that people might say "There are no holes in our security!" and yet matter is full of holes in its structure. There are no holes in the air and yet I walk right through it. There is space between the interacting elements of all matter and if there were not, signals could not be sent from point to point.

That which is or cannot be measured by knowing its nature is a Ghostwolf hunting.

On top of that, Skynet has already become self aware.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen