Schwarzschild singularity radius velocity

It would seem that a neutral body traveling at some significant percent of the speed of light would become a black hole. Since velocity is relative and mass varies with velocity, the properties of the black hole would be variable dependent on the observing velocity. To continue the analogy, it would seem that perhaps this has something to do with an EPR bridge into strange space. Certainly the differential gravity of a black hole would strip the life from an object, but the boundary approach of a synthetic and variable interface would allow a transform in space and time, at least at first glance.

It would seem that a significant portion of the universe is invisible in the usual sense of the word. It does seem that given the appropriate resources, it might be possible to actually create something as odd as a real equivalent of the imaginary concepts of "Stargate" or "TARDIS". I am not one to wildly conjecture upon the meaning of it all except for the sake of my own personal entertainment. I have no way of considering what type of effect it would imply, other than through some computational analogy. The interaction of atomic and nuclear matter to form bonds and structures is almost deadly dull and easily controlled.

There is no rule in the universe that would preclude traveling at the speed of light in a higher dimension that connected two points, but I am guessing that these conditions only exist in and near a black hole. Technically speaking, it would seem that if an object were near its Swarzschild radius and were approached at near light speed that some boundary condition might be observed. That is the question at the moment, which is , How can it be implemented and tested or modeled. There is definitely something odd and interesting as well as dangerous in that corner case.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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