It must be strange reason day

I was wondering what happens if a synthetic organism in the form of a genetic human were discovered to be wandering about without papers or any person to verify their origin or birth. It would seem to be an odd technical problem as they could be deported, but to where? It does create a real logical problem with the nature of government. The gov likes to know what people it owns and document that fact, but matter is not as amenable to ownership and identity as one would commonly suspect. In addition all matter is infinite in form and effect, so it is very difficult to isolate an infinite in space and time. It ( ownership ) is an illogical concept that derives from emotional bias and structure. Consider an atom of carbon, who could say that it is owned, if it cannot be considered unique? If it were confined in space by other matter, it could be identified, however the confinement itself becomes an object of ambiguous identity.

What brought this to mind is the nature of a specific entity which I had imagined and it raises many questions about the rather archaic and superstitious forms of human interaction. Responsibility requires that an entity be defined even though such a thing cannot be measured or categorized. This ambiguous definition seems to support the intent of action without creating some impossible cognitive dissonance that should arise. I am sure that at some level of understanding, those who consume and use others know that it is simply a convenient deception to act out their own impulse.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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