la la la , I can't hear me think

I would say what I am thinking, but it is bad enough that I know it. Complexity spawns more complexity and if you think that anyone on this planet or any device can ever tell you what is about to happen, you are unenlightened to the ways of factorial expansion of complexity. Because there are so many people, the probability space is more explored than it would be with just a few educated and informed individuals. Somebody made a very silly design mistake and I would like to say it, but there are consequences to knowing even.

Here is some code I an using with kate editor in the terminal, to do some staged grepping and fuzzy searches. I wanted to do something that found a series of words that appear near to each other across lines. The shell script finds all files with extension c or h, then looks inside to see if they contain a string and then does some more localization within those lines which contain it. The [ch] tells grep to use either c or h and $ means it is the last character on the line and \. also means to find a "literal" period. I also wanted to make a search with a scaled response that goes from a single occurrence of the matched set locally on one line of searches to a match of all the searched elements in the entire set of files. I think it will have to be C, as I wanted to have a list of line numbers that contains A and B and C ... and then apply a scope to the relationships to identify its degree of association.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
for l in `find  | grep '\.[ch]$'`
k=`cat $l | grep 'printk'`
      if [ "$k" != "" ]
      echo "In the file "$l
      cat -n  $l | grep 'printk' | grep 'KERN_DEBUG'

As you can probably tell I am debugging a kernel module at the moment and I wanted to make a LKM that was for debugging the communication to an offending USB device. AFAIK that module and another of interest have not changed in a long time and there is a big disconnect between theory and practice there, as multi-purpose devices sometimes need links all the way up to the desktop level. Perhaps it is just an odd changing implementation fluke that has developed. While I was making this post I realized I could possibly do line numbers and I did "man cat" which made me laugh and discovered "cat -n".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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