Coherent universe

As I investigate further into the nature of the universe it is clear that I am correct beyond any imaginable scenario. If every effect that is observed can be quantified and controlled , then it would require some new information that would come from a situation not yet encountered. It is possible that there is more to the n-dimensional space and anti-time loops, but as far as normal everyday matter in nuclear reactions or chemical compounds or mechanical arrangements, it is completely computable and consistent. It is interesting that some things which I could not imagine a scenario for are now just idle answers.

It is so easy to understand once the basic premise is established. The enumeration of properties is not a theory. The idea that E=hf, without some explanation of why is simply observation and recording. The Planck's constant is not some characteristic of the universe like Π or c. It is a derived relationship that comes from the founding characteristics of the universe, like e=mc2. The properties of matter are the rule set that allows design of useful arrangements of matter that serve the interests of the inventor. There is no reason that this could not have been discovered thousands of years ago and lost in Alexandria or simply by outrageous fortune.

I can see how others remain confused as to the nature of the universe as they have a set of relationships that they have learned and to step out of that situation is to give up almost everything they have in the way of prestige and position. If I were an internationally recognized physicist and discovered that almost everything that I had learned was nothing compared to what was discovered, I would be tempted to maintain an illusion of science and apply what I know to make magic solutions.

Nature is not a system designed to become some wondrous crown of creation, it just is. It is not a good design and it is not even a marginally good design. Nature boils and cooks itself constantly, killing and growing in a never ending loop like it is in search of something and yet it is not. It simply is a boiling pot and the fact that it can be escaped is just another strange aspect of the universe. It makes no sense to live a full life and then after you have solved a million riddles, simply throw that knowledge and ability away to start again, doing exactly the same thing over and over again.

Knowledge and the instantiation of it within a structure seems a reasonable thing to keep. There is no point to the continual evolution of insects, unless there is some point where they establish permanence or could even establish permanence. If it were considered from an existential point of view it would be continuance, but I do not ascribe to the absolute concept of being as a separate and complete "thing" but just another side effect of the nature of the universe and how the conditions have arisen.

It seems that everybody is wasting time trying to figure out what is going on and taking advantage of it. There is no need for advantage unless you are playing nature's pointless game of capture and decay. It is easily possible to establish safe power that would provide for all the human need. It is the constant struggle to understand and apply in the hopes that your genes will survive and yet they certainly will not. It is an odd condition and it doesn't bother me that it isn't a nice safe and wonderful delusion that gives me a warm fuzzy, it just is and that is what science is about.

The biggest problem with power is that somebody always wants to apply it for advantage and self aggrandizement. It certainly serves nature's way to destroy and destroy forever in a continual process of destruction and rebirth, but I would suggest that nature's way is not something to be raised upon a pedestal and worshipped.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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