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I am trying to figure out if I took a male animal that was being cloned for its economic value and was able to duplicate the X chromosome in a clone and remove the Y, which would result in a genetically identical female of the male, would it breed true to a complete perfect population? It raises many questions and I could write a dozen science fiction stories about this. I wonder why nobody has figured this one out? I haven't figured out why it wouldn't work. If applied to people, it could lead to some very odd situations and somebody would have to make up some new names for what was happening. I see Mikxy and Trixxie mouse cartoons. If only this were as odd as it gets. I can see that you would have to have a population that included males and females in each generation and it would seem that eventually SNPs would accumulate enough to cause some drift. Cloned Hybrids.

Google is my friend and this isn't a new idea. The quote is from September 19, 2009

The usual taboo against incest is (genetically speaking) based on the risk of that heterozygous alleles will result in undesirable homozygous recessive traits -- genes whose DNA is faulty on both paired chromosomes. We've seen this among European royalty, for example.

Crossing two identical genomes of clones should produce yet another clone identical to the 'parent(s)' in all somatic genes. Heterozygous genes remain heterozygous. One of the sex chromosomes (X or Y) must be introduced from another organism of opposite sex -- but that's no different than with ordinary sexual reproduction.

The idea dates at least from Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein. Never read that book. It seems reasonable that taking a winning male race horse and cloning it as female would create a breeding true genetic stock that would provide exact duplicates virtually forever, if SNPs didn't eat the good parts.

It seems this could be taken even farther so the recessive gene is replaced by the dominant, and as a result, if the dominant becomes damaged, it has a duplicate. There would certainly be no diversity, and a disease or agent that killed one, would kill them all. There would be no genetic depth to the population.

It reminds me of a thought I had. I was imagining I had a Trans cranial magnet that would scramble memory and I clicked on a link at slashdot that had a goatse, and then erased my memory and immediately did the same thing again, and finally I was sitting there and there was a post-it note on the monitor that I had no idea where it came from and it said "Don't click on that link again you idiot." It is somewhat like a Star Trek episode where the crew had their memory erased or they would die at the hands of an alien. I suppose that idea is not new either, except that it is possible.

And the Basel problem.


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Automated Intelligence
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